Sunday, May 18, 2014

DIY Fresh Flower Necklace Tutorial

I recently got the opportunity to make anythjng in one of my floral classes and I was pumped!!
I decided to make this necklace and wear it the following day (it's a night class)

And I lived it! And so did many people I encountered that day..
Annnnd, since I've abandoned my blog lately (sorry, classes, finals and wedding planning!), I thought a tutorial for this would be a great way to get back and share something I'm passionate about.

I started with  long piece of (14 gauge?) wire, made a "moon" shape (as seen in the picture) and used that as an armature for the necklace. 

I added leaves on the "back" side of the necklace so there would be a base (I used cold glue to attach them, as seen in the picture above). This is what it looked like from the back: 

I made sure to have a loop on one of the "moon" ends, and a hook on the other end of the wire, like so:

I laid the necklace with the shiny side of the leaves facing down (that would be the part against my skin so the wire wouldn't scratch), place the flowers where I wanted them to be and then I glued them with some more cold glue!

I added some pearls and was done!

I paired it with a white lace dress my brother and his fiancĂ©e gave me for Christmas 

A matching belt

And the shoes I recovered (with floral print) and that u wore the day Andrew proposed!

I hoped you liked the tutorial :)
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